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What is is simply 'Human Resource Management Software'.  The HR System is a Cloud-based web application. This type of software is commonly referred to as Software as a Service... or SaaS. The HRMS software runs on distant computers (servers) “in the cloud” that connect to users’ computers via the Internet, usually via a web browser. The delivery of our on-demand Cloud Software ‘HrPlusPlus’ (HRIS) is provided over the Internet on a pay-for-use basis.

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Online Hr Software - HRMS / HRIS

Why choose

HrPlusPlus believes in giving its customers’ more. This is amplified in our name and corporate brand ‘Plus+’, priding ourselves on the additional functionalities provided by our software, often overlooked by other HR Systems. Our team strive to ensure our software is intuitive and easy to use, making sure each module performs as expected, whilst ensuring it adds value in managing the necessary HR requirement. Many updates and additional features are available to all our customers, most of which are free of charge. So… as we grow, you grow.

Our online HR software assists in improving the efficiency of human resources information tracking and reporting within your business. Our HRMS software solutions automate many of the tasks that were traditionally done manually by HR professionals, freeing employees’ time for more important and lucrative tasks while vastly reducing errors and improving everyday business processes. People are a company’s most valuable asset and's ‘HRIMS’ software helps companies optimise people management.

What is HRIMS?

HRMS, HCM, HRIS, and HRIMS – if you’re confused about the difference between these HR software systems, you’re not alone. Many HR software providers use these terms when marketing their technology solutions, these acronyms have confused many in the HR industry.  There are a number of acronyms used to describe HR software solutions, the most common being; HRMS (Human Resource Management Software), HCM (Human Capital Management), HRIS/HRIMS (Human Resource Information Management Software).

What is HRMS?
Artificial Intelligence HR Attendant


Traditional automated HR systems are limited in functionalities and cannot handle complex organisational processes. uses the acronym ‘HRIMS’, for cloud-based software that assists in managing end-to-end HR processes.  This automation is comprised of our ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelligence Dynamic Assistant’). 'AIDA' as we like to call her, although you'll never get to meet her, she's always there, seamlessly running in the background, helping in collecting, managing, reporting, analysing, processing and allocating core information. software improves conventional organisational practices with informed, calculative decision making. Together, our HRIMS and the integration of 'AIDA' can contribute in lowering organisational costs without affecting your current organisational performance.

Cost Effective, Reliable and robust seamlessly and securely stores your data for you. Because HrPlusPlus is cloud-based, it’s a cost effective, hr software solution , removing the need to buy, install and maintain your own HR software. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) is available to you and your administrators, managers and employees, all of which have the ability to check various HR data as needed, through a web browser. If you have an Internet connection, you can access your HR data anytime, from almost anywhere, on literally any web activated device.

Access anywhere with ESS
SSL - Safe and Secure HRMS information

Safe and Secure was designed and built to integrate emerging technologies to ensure our customers receive the most advanced protocols on the web, for today and tomorrow. By using ‘Content Delivery Network’ (CDN) as a service, you can be assured that every page renders as fast and efficiently as possible from whatever device you’re using.
In addition, we use DNSSEC to guarantee our web application’s traffic is safely routed to the correct servers to ensure that our site users data is not intercepted by an attacker. Anything stored that is considered as sensitive data, such as passwords, are encrypted during transit.

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Currently our Human Resource Management software, offers a '30 Day Free Trial'. The trial is only available to businesses within the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Channel Islands.
  • If you don't have an HR Management System or are looking to replace your existing one, this could be just what you're looking for. Try our online hr software free for 30 days, and see for yourself!

  • We don't expect you to commit to anything. We don't need fancy sales pitches to convince anyone about the huge benefits of our HRMS product... We'll let you decide.

    If you would like to take advantage of our free trial, that's great! There's no obligation to purchase or commit to anything.



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